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APEX Digital Vault


Content Delivery Server

  • Create marketing campaigns with landing pages.
  • Publish articles with marketing links built-in.
  • Create web forms to capture interest from users.
Marketing your business using traditional and online.

Content Management

Feel free to create. When you create content with Peregrine, it remains private until you decide to publish. Make as many changes as you like, even after publishing. Once published, Peregrine remembers versions, so you can always look back at previous content. Link short URLs and even custom URLs to your site and specific pages within the site.

Blog and VBlog

What better way to include your customers than to create a Blog that they can participate in. Peregrine makes it easy to Blog with the option for clients to leave comments. You choose if you want the comments to go live righ away, or, if a moderator needs to review the comments first.

Cloud Library

Does your business write how-to articles or want to offer a knowledge base? With Peregrine's advanced Cloud Library, you can offer your visitors an array of self-service articles, video's, and instructions for the DIY-ers. The Cloud Library is a great resource for manufacturing companies that want to keep up-to-date instructions online.

Landing Pages

Easily create landing pages for your marketing campaigns with a call to action. Use web forms to capture the site visitors by sending to their email a coupon that is for a limited time offer. Test product pricing as well as create campaigns for new product introductions. Use built-in reporting to show traffic vs. purchases. Use linked banner ads and social media to announce your offers.


Create and host webinars with ease. Promote your products and services using webinars that demonstrate the value that you offer. Our Webinar tools provide you with an easy setup along with user signup. Promote your webinars with social media. Create tiny URLs to help promote with cross-site placements as well as search engine ads. Use the email feature to notify your customers.

PR Releases

Press releases are a great way to keep your clients up to date with what you are doing. There are several key types of PR campaigns that you can run. The first category is one that should not be overlooked, the product launch. The next important category is awareness campaigns. You may want to create a green or social responsibility campaign. With the PR feature, you come up with ideas and write a release. Once published, watch the stats page to see how it is received.