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Peregrine Content Delivery Server


Content Delivery Server

  • Serve exquisite websites with ease.
  • Harness the power for an email or content server.
  • Deploy mobile apps with the power of Peregrine.
Experience power, affordability, and security seamlessly integrated into a single platform..

Website Hosting

Elevate your brand with a dynamic website design that encapsulates the very essence of your business principles. Harness the power of the Peregrine Content Delivery Server to transform your concepts into compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression. Experience unparalleled consistency and security on a scale you've never seen before. Boost your defenses with a high-grade firewall while you take control of your website management with an array of sophisticated admin portals at your disposal.


Unleash the raw power of Peregrine's dedicated CPUs for your pivotal database functions. Revel in the freedom to supercharge your server's capacity by effortlessly expanding storage. Embark on bold, large-scale data storage or analysis projects with Peregrine forming the robust backbone. Construct an unshakeable network with multiple redundant servers, protecting your from downtime. With Peregrine, you're not just operating - you're conquering!


Elevate your online store's performance with the Peregrine Content Delivery Server. Designed to handle high transaction volumes seamlessly, it ensures continuous availability while showcasing your extensive product line. Stream videos and offer real-time chat with sales to enhance customer engagement. With robust firewall protection and 256-bit encryption, it goes beyond merely powering your store - it safeguards every client connection. Experience power, performance, and peace of mind with Peregrine.

Development and Test

Whether you're introducing a new product, patching, or updating, testing is integral to ensuring that your code functions flawlessly before it's launched to end-users. The most reliable way to predict if a function will falter in production is to test it. To do this effectively, specialized environments like testing and development environments are indispensable. Lean on our Peregrine Content Delivery Server for the formula of quality. This strategy will effectively reduce technical debt, boost quality, and maintain cost-efficiency.

Mobile Apps

Experience seamless operation for your mobile apps with the Peregrine Content Delivery Server. Equipped with Intel processor(s) and robust memory, this powerhouse ensures speed and performance like no other. Select your preferred operating system, from BSD to Linux, and pair it with a database of your choice, be it MySQL or PostgreSQL. For redundancy, choose between RAID or Server mirroring. Discover a world of efficient and effective app delivery with Peregrine.

Internet of Things

Imagine a cluster of Peregrine servers working in harmony. This isn't just about maximum scalability. It's about creating a network that's fault-tolerant, resilient, and ready to face any challenge. Expand effortlessly with additional storage as you add more devices. So, let us help you build your future-proof network. Because when it comes to your digital world, we believe in making things simple, effective, and always outstanding.